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When it comes to pricing, accuracy and detail are important. Our
design-to-budget approach to building backyard homes minimizes the
potential for costly surprises down the line.

Know Your Costs In Advance


We don’t pad our pricing

Instead of padding, we plan ahead in great detail. The cost of a backyard home depends on lots of things, including size, design, site conditions, the cost of materials and labor, and other considerations. Our accurate forecasting and design-to-budget processes enable us to offer you the best possible pricing with the confidence that your job will be done on schedule.

Don’t fall for Con-Struction

“Construction firms often make unrealistically low bids to get jobs...But they can count on finding plenty of reasons later to jack the price up enough to allow for a profit. When the building is under way, it becomes prohibitively expensive to fire the contractor and start anew. The owner has become a hostage.” - Wall Street Journal

Unlike other firms, we bid realistically so you can finish what you start and become the next backyard home success story.


All-Inclusive Baseline Pricing

Our backyard home prices cover project management, design,
permitting, and construction. That means you get one price for your
entire project up front.

1 bedroom Starting at $000,000

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1 bedroom Starting at $000,000

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2 bedroom Starting at $000,000

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3 bedroom Starting at $000,000

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*Baseline prices are provided to help you get a realistic idea of what a backyard home might cost. Every project will be priced according to its unique specifications, which we’ll determine together during the planning and design phases. Baseline pricing assumes that we would be building on a flat or gently sloping lot.

How Finishes Affect Cost

The finishes you choose will affect the price of your backyard home. We try to make it easy by curating finish packages in which our professional designers have selected flooring, paint colors, tile, cabinet style and colors, countertops, lighting, and plumbing that will look great together. You’ll can choose the package you like best that meets your budget.

Standard Finishes


A high-end look without the high-end price tag, our standard finishes are good quality and durable, but easier on your wallet.

Premium Finishes


The best way to personalize your backyard home is by selecting a series of signature, higher-quality options or upgrades.

ways to finance your project

Wondering how you might get the money together for a backyard home? Explore a few common financing options with our tool below. The first step is to determine whether you have high equity or high income/savings.

  • High Equity
  • High Income or Savings

When you’re ready, we can connect you with our finance partner to determine which will be the best option for you.

How quickly could I break
even and start Profiting?